26 pin header DAC pinout

Hi, i have problem with connection DAC to my RP1 model B with 26 pin header. I used pin from P5 but it is not work. Do you hava any idea which pins can i use on my RP? Thanks

I’m confused. Did you wire up the DAC as per the instructions?

What DAC did you select in the Volumio setup (it’s in the Playback Options section)?

Yes, same like in the pic. I used generic l2s.

what have you set the other parameter’s up for such as

DSD Playback Mode
Mixer Type

May also be worth changing Audio Resampling to 16 bit, 44.1 kHz - I know it says it can do 32 bit

DSD Playback Mode - DSD over PCM
Mixer Type - Software
And i tried the lowest quality like you recommended but still no working

You may need to try the other DAC profiles and see if one of those work, had problems with my pihat clone, then it suddenly started working.

Do you have any addons running, if so disable them and try that

Thanks for your tips and time. I found bad pin 5V so i tried another one and everything work fine.

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