24/192 audio only playing out of left channel


I have now noticed this behavior from two different Wolfson Pi Dacs. If I play any files below 24/192 everything is just fine and sounds fantastic. If I play a 24/192 file, sound only comes out of my left speaker. I have tried both ALAC and FLAC. Any thoughts, or is this some kind of software bug or an issue with the DAC? I am using a Volumio 1.3 image posted in the Wolfson DAC thread.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can shed some light on this issue.

Also, further information:

This additional behavior was also present on both Wolfson Dacs:

The audio returns to stereo if I use the headphone output on the Wlofson DAC. However, the output over headphone output does not sound as good as output via the green line-out plug.