2 networks web UI problem

Dear all,
I have volumio connected to 2 networks: wired (eth) for connecting to storage, and wifi (wlan) for everything else. The problem is when connecting to the web ui from wireless (192.168.1.X network) - the website loads fine, but the UI tries to connect back to the wired network (192.168.10.X) - which is impossible for the wireless devices. Connecting from machines on the wired network works fine.

so when connecting to, i get this from the javascript console: … &t=LVe7ORL Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

would that be easy to fix?

Presumably Volumio is unable to access both networks simultaneously. Try using the same subnet eg 192.168.1.X for both cases??

Hi, that is exactly the problem: the server can access both subnets, the client cannot, by design, the storage subnet is not supposed to be available via wifi. For some reason the server is not aware (enough) of the subnet the request is coming from and formulates the reply (i.e. the client javascript application) containing the wrong callback address (in this case the wired subnet). I’m guessing it just picks the first interface it comes across (eth0) and puts that address in instead of the callback address of the interface the request is coming in on.

Hi all, any chance someone knows how to fix it? Or where to look?