2.773 Rasp Pi 4 file.mp3

So, after updating to 2.773 whenever i play a mp3 file it just shows file.mp3 for song playing, artist doesn’t show, album art shows, if i go to my playlist, all the info is there, but not in now playing, just says file.mp3

if i play a FLAC file, it grabs all info and displays properly.

I am using DLNA to play these files, have not set up a cifs or nfs setup yet. I run plex on my fileserver where the music resides

it worked fine this way before this update.

I’m seeing mostly the same thing, both on the latest official and latest test release. Interestingly, though, on some browsers it shows the artist and track briefly before replacing it with “file.mp3” or “file.mp4”. Seems to do it regardless of which device I access Volumio from.