2.599 crashing

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The problem…

This happened once before some time back. A particular version of Volumio would crash every day or so. A new version came out soon afterwards that fixed it.

Well it’s happening again, ever since I upgraded to version 2.599 recently. I reboot it and it works, then overnight it crashes and I have to power it off and on again.

I am running Volumio on a Raspberry Pi 3 model B v1.2, using an external USB DAC, and connected to my network via Wifi.

I can’t be the only one surely. I wound it back to 2.575 and it’s been fine for nearly 3 days.

Maybe it was a plugin or something…

You should have a look at the system logs to see if there is any indication of the problem. Starting with a base system without any plugins is a good way to proceed (to rule out malfunctioning plugins).

Increase the buffer size to the maximum, save and restart.

I was getting exactly the same on a Pi Zero with 2.599. It would run for a while and then crash, either when streaming internet radio or just sitting idle. No plugins installed, just a straight fresh system burned to the uSD card. Crashed sometimes after a few minutes, sometimes stayed up for an hour or two then randomly died

Just been away for a week but before that I downgraded to 2.586 and it’s still happily running (idle for the whole time, but 2.599 in a similar state would crash).

If I get chance this week I’ll upgrade again to 2.599 and can try and see if the system logs have anything to say. Is there any specific way to access those, and do they survive across a crash or is there some grandfather/father/son system for accessing older logs?