2.42 inch OLED Display SSD1309 128x64

hello everyone i was wondering if 2.42 inch OLED Display SSD1309 128x64 can be used with volumio

I know ssd1306 can but was wondering about the SSD1309 or has anyone done it


I have same screen and can’t make it works with volumio. I’m complete noob in programing pi and need like a take my hand and show me step by step :stuck_out_tongue:
Anybody can help here?


Your display should work with mpd_oled


Please be aware that there is a current issue with the cava program, which is used by mpd_oled, and so build this with the replacement instructions given here

github.com/antiprism/mpd_oled/i … -615111152

There is a thread for using mpd_oled with Volumio at