2.378 with working Spotify Connect but no volumio.local

I am using Volumio 2.378 on my Pi 3, HiFiBerry DAC+ Zero with Spotify Connect. It works like a charm; on my mobile I can choose from the device list where I want to hear Spotify. So far, so good.

But… the webinterface volumio.local is not reachable anymore. On Fing I see the IP address of Volumio, but using the IP address doesn’t work either.
One of the solutions is to flash the SD again. But after I the trouble I had in getting here, that is my last option.

Does anybody know a work-around?

thanks, Linksback

volumio.local is the default name. If you change it ie myvolumiodevice, you have to access to it with myvolumiodevice.local.
It may not work from an android device.
IP should always work. From fing, try to see available services and open 80 in a web browser

I know it should work via the IP address, but it doesn’t.

I have not changed the default name, I can ping Volumio but the IP address and volumio.local tell me this:


I’m completely lost. No one?

Volumio is in the air, works with spotify connect, can be pinged but is not accessible via the web client. Not by volumio.local and not via IP.

Are you using “Chrome” as your browser?

Yes, I do.

But also Firefox, Cliqz and Safari (on iPhone and iPad).
Nothing works, alsways the message “ERR_CONNECTION_RESET” or “The connection was reset”

If you are on a Linux distro (I use Ubuntu) try this for getting Chrome to work with .local adress https://superuser.com/questions/1354448/chromium-on-ubuntu-doesnt-resolve-local-address-though-other-applications-do

sudo apt install nscd

It worked very well for me.