2.344 : Spotify bugs?


  1. I upgraded my RPI Volumio from 2.323 to 2.344 with “System->System updates” fonction from my local 7" HDMI screen.
    In “Browse->Spotify->My Playlists”, I can see all my playlists but if I open anyone, they are empty!
    So, i restored the sd card with the “image writer” backup I have done before the upgrade: Spotify works fine, playlists are not empty.So, it’s not a Spotify account problem.

  2. Another bug with Spotify which exists with many volumio last releases:
    The “clear and play” function don’t work : it clear the queue, but don’t copy new playlist in the queue, so don’t play it.

Thanks lot for your job,


RPI3/IQaudio dac+/Waveshare 7" Hdmi Screen/Wire network use

i noticed the clear and play as well, my easy solution is to do this then go back to spotify and click add to queue, not the preferred way to go but it works