2.344 Softvol not working

Hello all,

I’m using a RasPi 2 Model B with a Hifiberry Digi+ (not Pro) on top. Volumio is latest version 2.344.

Sound is being fed by SPDIF into my active speakers. As I’d like to be able to change volume with the Volumio App or IR-remote, I’d like to use software mixer.
However I’m receiving an ALSA error after changing mixer-type from “none” to “software” resulting in no sound being played. Restarting the system makes UI unresponsive.

Software-mixer used to work on this setup a couple of Volumio-versions ago. I think it was last working before Version 2.310 (04-11-2017)
with Kernel bump to 4.9.51.

Here’s the link to the log-file: logs.volumio.org/volumio/vcG12js.html

Any solution to this would be highly appreciated!

Thank you very much and best regards

Ha! I have the exact same setup!

However, I can’t recall it actually working since they switched to the new kernel, I just believed it to be a limitation.
If it can be addressed that would be amazing as I’d be much more likely to use as I just started using mpd clients :smiley: