2.185 WONT Play Webradio

Hello all,
I use Volumio since version 2
At the last update to 2.185
It do not play Webradio :frowning:
I have an Raspberry Pi 2 and the sounds go out over the chinc to a Box.
In the past its works very good , but since the update it will start but nothing is coming out.
I also get the new Image and make a clean installation.
Nothing helps :question: :question:
thanks for your support
regard Makro

Sorry this means nothing to me.

Can you describe exactly what happens when you try to play a webradio? Are there any error messages? Is it the same problem for a number of streams?


my englisch is not the best
but pictures re better then words :slight_smile:

me too :frowning:
I have many webradio on “My web radios”, like Radioswisspop (radioswisspop.ch/live/aacp.m3u)
When I try to play Radioswisspop i can see

after few seconds I can see

Also, if I try to retry Shoucast radio list, nothing happens



Thanks, please keep on giving informations like this so we can solve the issue

I think Iḿ missing the hole file where to put my be loved radiostations.
Skärmbild från 2017-06-09 23-14-29.jpg

@makro do you still have problems playing web radio with 2.193? Because that fixed my webradio problems that I had for few days.

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