2.163 NAS lost when switched to WiFi

Loosing NAS when going WIFI RPI3 under 2.163
Cannot mount NAS when on WIFI

New flash
Mount NAS, scan Library, while on ethernet.
Unplug Ethernet
Lost NAS every time :unamused:

Device is RPI 3 with IQAudio DAC +

Details please … device, new flash or OTA update, how can the problem be reproduced?

Edited my comment on 2.163 NAS lost

Maybe not be NAS related and could be a symptom of this: can you check?

WIFI is there when ehernet is unplugged
Just not seeing the mount

Did you turn OFF Hotspot function (and saved) in Volumio Network settings preference panel, in order to connect to your home Wifi?

Can you check the available routes in both cases: with and without ethernet?

I did turn of the Hot spot then uNPLUGGED ETHERNET, SOFT restart and then I saw the mount NAS as done on ethernet.
It has been playing WIFI the whole directory since yesterday (220Gig)

Not sure of the sequence but iot worked.