2.141 Playlist Bug

I make a Plalist over WebUi but in the MPD Client the List is empty only the played Song is in the List.

When i make a Playlist over MPD Client the WebUI have the Old Playlist. If I then click a song from the old list, the song will be played even though I have created another list with the client.

The Problem is with any MPD Clients!

Hi Ganja,
this is by design: volumio handles playlist on its own.

Ok. Then back to 1.55

The problem that Volumio playlist and mpd playlist are out of sync create some more problems. I’m using lirc and a remote control to navigate between titles in the playlist. The problem now is that previous and next commands from the remote control are no longer working because lirc uses the mpd playlist. Maybe your planned mpd emulation can fix the problem.