2.118 MPD CPU Load

I updated my Raspberry Pi 1 Model B yesterday from 2.041 to 2.118. Mostly seems OK - I’m seeing the issues with the player randomly stopping after playing tracks and with the volume control that have been reported elsewhere.

The big issue I have that I haven’t seen reported elsewhere is with a major increase in CPU load from the MPD process. I have one purchased album that is encoded at 192 KHz / 24 bit - this album which I could play without any problems before the upgrade is now completely unplayable - it stutters severely and the top command shows MPD taking over 90% of the CPU. I was curious and looked at at CPU loading before and this album previously was loading the CPU about 60-70%. Music that is encoded at lower rates still plays without any problems. The issue isn’t network related - I copied one file to the SD card and it still stutters and soaks the CPU.

Any suggestions as to anything I could do to mitigate the issue would be welcomed.

Thanks, Pat.