2.001 webradio track name not updated

Sometimes while playing web radio the track name is not updated. This heppens if I cast another media to Volumio (the name of that media appears as expected) and then stop casting. Webradio starts playing again (which is perfect) but the track name still shows the name of previously casted media.

I mainly use Volumio for Webradio and my experience of the problem is
If you start a webradio channel from Browse menu (My web radios and Favourite radios) using Play to an empty queue or Clear and play it usually works fine until you stop/start playing or change channel or song from Queue menu

Also the update of track name in the Queue list and “Playing” ain’t flawless

I’m currently running v2.011. I compared the same stream (streams.radiobob.de/bob-alternat … ediaplayer) in Theremin (macOS mpd client), VLC, MPoD (iOS mpd client) and Volumio. MPoD, VLC and Theremin update the currently playing title fine and VLC (macOS) as well as MPoD v2.1 (iOS) show the stream title, whereas Volumio stops updating the currently playing title and doesn’t display the stream title at all.

See attached screenshot for reference.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-10-27 um 21.59.39.jpg

Filed as github issue. (https://github.com/volumio/Volumio2/issues/819)

I think I’m having similar issues on 2.025. Track name works fine until you stop the stream and then try and play it again. it get’s stuck on the previous track name, and sometimes it feels like the webui loses the ability to control it. I.e. the name disappears entirely, and the stop button stops working, but the stream continues. Going into the library and loading a non radio track fixes it.

Can exactly confirm your observations
I think I’m on 2.019

I can confirm the issue in a freshly updated 2.029

Issue still there on 2.031 :cry:

Issue still there on 2.041…

Still not working :imp:

:smiley: :smiley: Works now ! (in 2.121)
Just some minor issues added in 2.121
Play and Pause in Playback dialoge don’t always work , you have to move to the Queue dialoge to start /stop , most of the times you need click twice to start a song or channel , when using Next button you need (Next+Play) to start next song. Also some odd behavioral when draging the “fast forward/fast rewind” circle back and forth.

But who cares about minor issues :question: :slight_smile: ?
Amazing work you all have done !