16x2 lcd not working

I got a lcd connected following andypi guide. When I switch on volumio I get lcdproc server cli 0 scr0 on the led. I have followed the guide to the letter.

Any help?


If you see what you wrote, it means that everything is ok… Now you have to said what you want display on screen : you can use mpdlcd to display mpd information or write your own script… If you have install mpdlcd , you have to launch it mpdlcd --no syslog :wink:

Hi. Thank you. I tried that It works. Not sure what else I have done as last night I was trying and it never worked then.

One more question. How do I get the lcd to display the ip address. is that possible?


Yes it is possible… I wrote a script that do that. Search the forum for “my second volumio project” I place a ZIP file containing a script called monyp.py. I’ll vive you thé link tomorrow if you dont find it.

Thank you for your help. I am still having trouble with the lcd. It won’t start automatically on boot up. I have copied the bootmisc file from Andy pi but still it does work. Any ideas