15 day free up, charge $40us. Now no playback!

My Raspberry 4 feeding a USB DAC setup worked fine during the trial period. Seems that once the yearly payment was charged, now I get no playback.

When the RPi4 boots up I get the welcome jingle in the speakers so we know the DAC is working.

Track selected from “last 100” - nothing happens. The time indicator does not advance. I shows it downloaded but noting more. Note the download bar has breaks in it? I don’t know if t hat is significant.

The RPi4 shows up on my WiFi network and the Ipad communicates correctly. If I shut down the RPi4, the Ipad drops out as expected so we know we have a good network connection.

The SD card image was downloaded 15 days ago so we know we have the current version?

I am an EE so lets not go down the road of bad cables and power supplies. They are all good - I checked.

Also note I am using Spotify and I noted there are some very recent posts about that not working? Could my issue be the same?


@DED can you pick this up?

Email to techsupport@volumio.org for help requests