101 Troubleshouting Volumio....wifi, sdcard...

Some of us experienced some problems with our beloved Volumio…

Here are some basic thing to check :

Check if it boot :
Simply plug a monitor to the hdmi. You will see the boot process !
Nothing appears : seems there’s a problem Houston…
No LEDs red green : Raspberry not powered, or worse dead…
RED led no green at all : sdcard certainly causing problem, Not inserted,Dead,Not correctly imaged

Normal boot shows red led on and activity on green led, at the end you’ll get a linux login promt

Get volumio IP adress :
Simply look along boot process @IP will be displayed.
To simplify setting up your Volumio I’m encouraging you to use ethernet cable before connecting thru wifi, as most problems comes from wifi.

Test the @IP using your computer typing :
ping @IP
(eg: ping
It must feedback something like response… XXms (milliseconds)
If no response to the ping your router network settings may cause the problem.

Connect to volumio :
GUI : via any browser @IP (often 192.168.x.y, x and y vary within your network config)
SSH/Command Line Interface : using putty (goole it) just connect to @IP, login using pi/pi, or root/volumio (<- dangerous not recommanded)

Switching to wifi :
If Volumio works playing music (use headphones to be sure it works, before using USB DAC, I2S DAC…, then you can plug your wifi dongle and reboot.

After go to Network thru GUI, and setup your wifi settings.

Then reboot whitout unpluging ethernet. Connect to GUI using same IP adress, go to Network and note WIFI IP adress

Reboot and unplug ethernet before reboot.

Ok now we are connected, but we experience lags…

It might be related to wifi or sdcard corruption.

sdcard corruption cause : dirty reboot using power… Login via ssh type

touch /forcefsck reboot

This will ofrce raspbian to check sdcard. So reboot will take longer time …

wifi signal check :

I found a great utility : wavemon

apt-get update apt-get install -y wavemon wavemon

It’ll allow to check your wifi signal and stability…

If you encounter some issue entering menus I suggest you to go : https://volumio.org/forum/webui-menu-items-disappear-mount-retry-loop-t1806.html?hilit=library%20menu#p13411

All your inputs and comments are welcome