10.1” touch screen help

I’m a noob too Raspberry pi and Volumio and need a little help

Since my screen on my nanosound DAC2 pro stopped working I thought I’d get a bigger screen.

I now have a b101pfu-e03 10.1” touch screen with a AD-0037 driver board.

Everything powers up and the screen works perfectly except the touch screen part. Is there a way to get the touch screen working with the driver board I have or do I need the a driver board like the AD-0112?

Thanks in advance

do you use the touch display plugin? @gvolt

Installing the Touch Display plugin won’t suffice in that case.

Unfortunately the documentation for the screen you can find on the internet (at least without registering somewhere) seems to be sparse.

@LT_1138 How is the screen connected to the Pi (HDMI, USB)?

To collect some more information please connect to Volumio via SSH, disconnect other input devices from the Pi and post the output of

cat /proc/bus/input/devices

If the screen should be connected by USB also post the result of

sudo lsusb

●10.1" PCAP Touch (Glass)
●Touch IC:EETI
●Surface Hardness:6H
●Interface:USB / I2C
●Support 10 Points Touch
●Optional Bonding Service(Air Bonding / OCR Bonding)

@gvolt this should be a standalone monitor with touch… hdmi and usb for touch i think…

Yep, I found that, too :wink: Doesn’t have too much of detailed information though… Glancing through the guide contained in the linked driver package of EETI is giving some hints, but to me it’s not clear how the screen is connected to the mentioned driver board: The USB and I2C connectors on the screen don’t seem have counterparts on the driver board. So let’s wait what information LT_1138 can report.

Like I said I’m a noob to this. I’ve contacted the manufacturer but it’s Chinese New Year. So no reply.

The pi is connected to the ad board via hdmi. The ad board is connected to the monitor via a LVDS cable which also has a back light cable plugged in.!

On the bottom of the display there is a flexy pcb with 2 connectors. I have a feeling one of these is the usb for the touch screen.

I will need to find out how to connect to pi via SSH.

Hopefully the image uploaded


Yes, the 5pin connector is USB. This will have to be connected to the Pi for touch.

Front view 2D Drawing

Thanks, now I need to find a cable from this small connector to usb.

The touch screen is now working. Thanks :grinning:

I just need to take it home, check that it’s connects to the internet and I can start streaming.

Then I need to build a case for it

Great it was so easy in the end. :grinning: