[1.51] No name for the network name

In this topic : new-webradio-not-read-volumio-refix-needed-t2287.html

I wrote that the name of the raspberry pi with volumio on my network appears without name like this : “(NONE)”. I can access to volumio only with his IP address…

I did this command that a nice modo send me : hostname -f

But the answer isn’t good i think :

volumio@(none):~$ hostname -f hostname: Name or service not known

Any idea to resolve this name ? I don’t know what to do and how the name can be set on WEBUI. I thought that the player name was the Network name…

Thanks for your futurs answers. :slight_smile:

PS : have a good Christmas. :wink:

The answer was a question, this was done to see if volumio has the correct name, as you see it doesn’t.

Please stick to the other topic, not every one can react every day. I’ll try to explain how to change it later today, and of course confirm that it should work before posting.

– Locked see: new-webradio-not-read-volumio-refix-needed-t2287.html