[1.51] New WebRadio not read on volumio


When i add a webradio like : jzr-christmas.ice.infomaniak.ch/ … istmas.mp3
And i want to start the webradio on volumio player, nothing happens on the playlist. The song can be read/strat to read…

When I try to read the webradio with other upnp controleur/player, there is no problem and the webradio is read/diffused by volumio.

It seems that the player on volumio has a probleme when we add a webradio to play ?

Any Idea ? A bug ?

Could you check the contents of the created playlists. It is possible that the file is mis formed.

There is/was a bug that the created playlists file didn’t had the correct format, it was created to be a m3u but it was a pls. And some m3u files I’ve created missed an enter at the end of the file.

How can i see that ? With putty ?

Oh sorry, i forgot to add that :blush:

Yes, either use ssh (putty) or using one of the samba shares.

Accessing the shares is the fastest way, in windows you would need to open your explorer and navigate to network --> volumio, or in the address bar type: \volumio.local

Also have this problem. In .pls or .m3u are the playback information, ip adress. But if i want to download this .mp3, its streaming forwad, it saves the complete music stream i think.


I have this file created…
2014-12-21 16_24_23-__(NONE)_WebRadio_jazz noel.pls - Notepad++.png

It’s wrong i thing. The other dafault PLS file have more informations.

Other thing : i suppose their are a probleme with the name of the volumio hardware. \volumio.local don’t worl. In my network on windows, the name of the raspberry pi is “(NONE)”… No name for the raspberry. Another problem ? There is a name in upnp setup…
2014-12-21 16_32_18-WebRadio - Clover.png

Yes, that is exactly the bug i mentioned earlier. This file is formated like an .m3u but its a .pls. Solution: change the file extension to .m3u and add a new line after the url.

By default the name is volumio. This can be changed in the webui, is it possible that you already did this by accident?
Can you check the hostname from the Linux command-line using ssh/putty. For this type:

hostname -f

This displays the Full Qualified Domain Name.

Ok. it’s seems to work with your instructions… So this bug must be re-fix :wink:.

For the volume name i have this answer :

volumio@(none):~$ hostname -f hostname: Name or service not known

In setting i have a player name defined. The name must be set in other parameter ?

I’ve do something wrong ?

I open another topic for this pb. The original pb is the bad creation of web radio on Volumio.

pi@volumio:~$ hostname
pi@volumio:~$ hostname -f

Hostname shows the name volumio, this is the hostname, -f shows the FQDN, in my case this is the same as hostname.
This is the default setting, i haven’t changed any thing till now.

On your installation hostname doesn’t even show a hostname, so either the file is empty or some service isn’t running.

The hostname can be changed in the webui, for this go to:
Settings --> Playername

But before doing this could you please check the following:

cat /etc/hostname

Should show the hostname.

uname -a

Output should be like this:

Linux volumio 3.12.34+ #725 PREEMPT Sun Dec 7 13:14:11 GMT 2014 armv6l GNU/Linux

I guess that in you don’t get the correct output, but as said, this is to check nothing really strange happened.

Now then please change the hostname from the webui and reboot.
After reboot do the previous named check’s

If changing using the webui didn’t work, do the following as root or using sudo:

nano /etc/hostname

Clear everything in this file and enter a hostname, save the file and do:

/etc/init.d/hostname.sh start reboot
Now perform the previous checks.

If this all didn’t work, reflash the SD and try again :smiley:

My volumio don’t work. I stop normaly the volumio and the raspberry.
I plug the DC adaptater the next day and volumio appears but no sound appears now with music via upnp or with web radio…

So i’ll reflash the sd card…

For the name, perhaps the problem is that my new name of player is “The player” with an space that don’t work for display a name on network with windows…

PS : I did other topic because it’s not the same bug of this topic… but it has been locked. I follow here.

Spaces and special characters are not allowed in the hostname, so there also not allowed in the player name. The webui doesn’t do a check, this has been reported and collected for future implementation.

OK. I confirm that :slight_smile:.


Thanks, took me ages to figure this out myself :slight_smile: