[1.5] Openhome playlist control not working (upmpdcli?)

Hi all,

Before mentioning the problem I want to express my appreciation to the team working on volumio, the player is really great!

I am using a Raspberry Pi model B with a HiFiBerry DAC. All my music is on a NAS with a standard Twonky DLNA server. I started with a fresh download of Volumio 1.5 from the mainpage of the website, I tried to update volumio through the update button in the volumio interface.

For controlling the playllist I would like to use the AV Remote app for windows, I both use Windows 8.1 and Windows phone for that. The app should be similar to the bubble upnp android app, capable of managing OpenHome/ohmedia playlists. I prefferably do not use the library, as updating the library takes a long time, and I use the Raspberry Pi at multiple locations.

When direct pushing music with AV remote app from the NAS to Volumio by using UPnP, it works fine.
However when sending playlists, or adding music to the playlist, this does not work.

I was already looking for a solution on the forum and tried also a bit of problemsolving myself, but I didn’t manage to get it working.

On the forum I found the following (possible) related messages:

So far I managed to add “openhome = 1” to the upmpdcli configuration file (/etc/upmpdcli.conf). I do not have sufficient knowledge of linux / putty to update upmpdcli.

Has anyone any idea how to solve this issue?

Please post a noob description because I am really not familiar to work with linux/raspberry pi/putty, I just want to listen to some music :smiley:
(or a new download to load directly on SD would be even greater)

Maybe updating to the latest Volumio (beta) already helps?
Maybe updating UpMpdCli helps?
Maybe I need Sc2Mpd?

Thanks a lot in advance for your response!

Other websites I visited to look for a solution (before Volumio 1.5 came out):